Monday, September 9, 2013

How I improved my sales on Etsy ...

I decided early in the summer I wanted to get better traffic to my store, make more sales and be noticed. I started studying the treasuries that were on the front page, made notes of who consistently had treasuries and products featured. Started following a few that I really liked.

My first treasuries on Etsy well they sucked.  I didn't know what treasuries were really about, and I fell into the trap of doing all vintage, or all owls or all one thing and it usually wasn't a great theme.  Not that all the items I picked weren't great!  I loved them that is why I picked them.  But they were usually fellow team members to promote something and actually at first, I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  You can see my treasuries here from the most recent on back go ahead look at the last page ...
Patti's Treasuries - Go to the Last Page to see first ones!

I started to take a good hard look at my store photos, and began making changes. I blogged about it - am a photographer this should be easy

I joined a few teams that made treasuries, I made lots of treasuries, looked at lots of treasuries and fav'd and followed those I loved.  I made some treasuries that seemed to follow the Front Page recipe - and some treasuries I made to tell a story (those are the ones I love to do) and then while I was sleeping a treasury I had made for a vintage team I was on was on the FRONT PAGE - it told a story - the theme of it was the Ghost and Mrs, Muir - it was a bit romantic, nostalgic and vintage - and not at all what I
expected to get chosen for a FP.   the-ghost-and-mrs-muir

I also had a print from my second store on a FP treasury, which was awesome!  my print on the front page!!
But the most important thing I have gotten out of all this - is the networking with other shops, finding great items, and the fun of great treasuries. The bonus my stuff is selling, my views are WAY UP, my sales are up when a ton of people are complaining about slow sales etc... my store is growing!
Every day I have several items featured in treasury, sometimes I don't get notification my the maker, and I have to search my feed to see them all and I think I miss a few of them because it has been so many!!  That's FREE ADVERTISING!!  I don't do the Etsy ads, sorry Etsy, I pay enough with listing fees etc...  and I make treasuries featuring items I love and that sells for those stores - I know I get messages saying thanks!  since that treasury was up the item sold in 20 minutes!

I honestly believe it all comes down to the photos I have in my store, helps other people find and market by treasuries, and my making treasuries shares my love of the items I find, and all that I made it to the front page - TWICE so far ... My Second FRONT PAGE treasury!! WHOO HOO!! # 2

and some of my favorites that I made and others have done No Exit
The Most Interesting Man in the World
dragon slayer
a secretive man
nights in constantinople
water nymph