Tuesday, August 13, 2013

EEK ...Photos ... I am a photographer this should be easy ....

So, I am a photographer, not the I take pictures because I got a camera for Christmas photographer. An actual I go to work, lug heavy equipment sweat my butt off and get great photos photographer.  I work for a large company, and that specializes in photos in day cares and preschools - and I LOVE IT!!

 I am great with the kids,  I get great smiles - not those cheesy smiles you see in most school photos - I don't work for THAT company - I work for the one that captures the smiles in the child's eyes, and I do!  We as a company pride ourselves on that -(wish I could show you some but I can't due to privacy etc... ) so what's the problem ?  PRODUCTS do not Smile!!  they don't laugh they don't giggle and well posing a product just isn't the same as getting a two year old to look so darn adorable and cute!

I have been tweaking my product shots at the store http://www.etsy.com/shop/fleaosophy  and you can see a difference from the older products to the ones I am currently listing.
I have reworked my little studio - gotten a cute little table - and some awesome crates and wooden props and today I painted the walls - the white paper backdrop was just BLAH...

I have been using some actions for photoshop I currently LOVE LOVE LOVE -Freshwonderland2   by Paint the Moon - I purchased the Fresh Wonderland2 there are a few freebies to try out (but I LOVE all the actions they have too!) http://paintthemoon.net/blog/tag/free-actions/  I love Wonderland 2 because I can run the action and see how all the options will look on an image and then run all my photos with that action -

I also have a great model - Bree - is a love who will come over and model for me anytime - she was in some of my early digital art photos as a fairy

Now here is how the studio is looking - stay tuned for some new photos -
first set up - white sheet on wall  - an old table for display

getting ready to paint

$15 table I got at flea market - painted with chalk paint

this is the current version - a few  crates and my $15 table with the walls painted the same as the table -

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