Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's all Vintage to me ...

Update on my exploration of other stores on line - I have a few items listed on Ebay - you can find them here
Lucite Daisy Paperweight
Vintage Siamese Cats Wall Hangings

Lucite Faux Tortoise Shell Trays

I have listed a few things on
I like the look of this site - it is clean and simple - but there is no community - feels a little lonely after the community I found on Etsy ...

Also on Zibbet -

I also found a great community here at The Vintage Village  this is a cool place for groups, discussions about vintage and you can even sell from here - there is a membership fee (haven't paid it yet) to access all the features - but in addition to Retrophoria it seems a few of the members in this village sell there too.

I applied to be a vendor on One King's Lane but nothing has come through yet...

I am also going to be accepting banner ads here on the Fleaosophy Blog -
Your ad will show at the top of the right hand side bar on every page of the site!

 Ad Size: 150x150 pixels

Cost: $5 a month, or $45 for the year (you supply the ad)
             $25 if you need me to create the ad for you

Payment Method: PayPal

I'm looking for sponsors that relate to the content of the blog - vintage shops and sites, upcycled products, of handmade using mostly recycled items .

 I reserve the right to not accept any ads that I feel don't "fit" the blog, so please keep that in mind when inquiring about advertising.
Send me an email at  for more info

Some farm fresh barn finds - no really I found this stuff in a barn ... have a few more items that I need to take photos of - like an early 1900's game of Parcheesi complete in the original box, some small ice skates and roller skates - and more stay tuned!

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