Monday, July 22, 2013

Chalk Paint Experiment ...

During my flea market adventure over the weekend - I scored a great little table for $15.  It is the perfect height for taking photos for the products in the store.  However in the state I found it, it's not quite right.
I like the little rim that goes all the way around, I think it can be a great prop table.  instead of the great big hulking table I am currently using.

Oops Paint
White Dry Non Sanded Grout
So I saw a recipe for making homemade chalk paint.  Which apparently is quite popular right now.  However, at over $34.00 a quart I am not in the market for chalk paint.  I do however have a bunch of oops paint I got for $5 - $7 a gallon - and apparently all I need is unsanded grout $7 at Home Depot
I mixed about 4 heaping tablespoons of unsanded grout with some water to make a paste and mixed until smooth

I added the paste to the paint in a seperate container that I could seal
  It did make the paint a bit thick.  I had heard that you don't need to sand or strip a piece prior to painting it when using chalk paint - EVEN better for me - it's the lazy persons paint!  So here goes nothing...  It went on pretty good, definitely needed 2 coats, and actually I ended up touching it up in a few places.  but over all I liked the effect, how easy it was to use, and look out it made the paint go farther, so ...

I think I will be painting a few things with chalk paint.  I just got some really great oops greens, that really nice calm teal green color and I have some mirrors,  tables, a few chairs ... look out 

And if you decide to try chalk paint for yourself, be warned the recipe above is my own measurements - not exact by any means - and I would suggest you maybe start with the amounts you feel comfortable with.  From what I hear this stuff sticks to alot of stuff ... Oh and finish it off with a coat of Minwax finishing paste, to seal and protect - 

Have fun!

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