Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blast from the Past ...Vintage Ads - Part Deux

My friend Lisa sent me these great ads.  Just think if the Superbowl took place on television in the 1940's we may see ads about staying fresh by using Lysol as a personal care product, and in the early 1900's a weight loss ad would have been for tape worms ...

Oh that reminds me of the April Fools joke I pulled many years ago.  While working in a restaurant as a hostess, I had taken a few weeks off.  When I returned I had lost some weight, and it was April Fools day.  When a waitress made a comment about it I told her I lost weight by using the tapeworm diet (never knowing anyone actually had done that in the past)  went into a long story how I had ordered them from the back of a Vogue magazine, and when I felt like I had lost enough weight I was going to the doctor to get the cure that would get rid of the worms.  A few other employees knew I was kidding, but joined in on how it was the new thing and all over the news.  Poor girl, didn't want to believe it but by the time we all were done she did...  And now look they actually had ads for tapeworms ... Who Knew?

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