Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flea Markets and Estate Sales Whoo Hoo!

So I went to a Flea Marketing today with my friend Robin and I must say, I think we scored a few great items.  Mostly I am happy I found a little table I can use for the photos I take of items I sell on Etsy.  I have been using a table that was a tad to tall, this one is shorter and longer not round - and I paid $15 for it.
It needed a coat of paint but still a great find. I am going to paint it with homemade chalk paint, will let you know how it turns out in my next blog post.

I think I have gotten a bit jaded with the flea markets, since I have been having such luck at the estate sales and yard sales this season.  When I walk through a flea market and talk to the dealers I know they got the stuff at an auction or estate sale and I want THOSE prices!  not flea market prices.  I used to think flea market prices were the greatest.  But combined with the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of a great deal - I think estate sales and yard sales have the flea markets beat. I am going to try some auctions before the summer is over.  Will keep you posted on that adventure too.

But I must say there is something about a field of venders with tables lined up as far as you can see.  It makes treasure hunting easy.  Especially when the vendors are willing to make deals.

not sure who would love this - but there is something at a flea market for everyone!

But then the estate sale/yard sales - you know the ones, they have a ton of stuff so they add estate sale to the signs to get the bargain hunters to stop.  Those sales can be awesomely great finds, if they are really trying to clean out and just want stuff to find new homes.  Professionally run estate sales are great too, fun to go to and I try to attend a variety in the area and get to know the companies and how they organize them.  Some companies start out with high prices and don't bargain at all, they are out to get the best prices for their customers.  Which isn't the customer shopping!  Some companies will do half price on the last day of the sale.  One local company sometimes runs the last day with fill a bag sales, fill a bag for $5.  Love that!

Yard sale/Estate Sales - The ones run by the family, they are just tired of looking at it.  They want to sell the house, make room for something, or need the money.  So please buy the stuff - sometimes they want to deal and have it move out, other times they are more interested in sticking to a price they set - it can't hurt to ask - "what's your best price" or "would you take ___"  I usually start out lower than I am willing to pay, but if I think an item is already priced fair, I don't bother with the haggling.  Some people  love to haggle no matter what.  I prefer to get a good/fair deal, so that both the vendor and I feel good about it. 

some of my treasures today

Vintage 1950's chair and stool $5

Vintage lamp and shade great condition if I told you what she paid you would be jealous! I know I was!
Vintage shade on the lamp - perfect condition!

more treasures - can you tell I love the crates!

Until next time - it's a Fleaosophy ...

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