Sunday, July 14, 2013

One persons' Junk is my Treasure ...

Look what I found! Vintage Lincoln Beauty Ware Chrome Canisters - Probably from about 1950.they measure flour and sugar each 9.5" tall, 7" deep, 4.5" wide at the back 

coffee 6" tall, 7" deep, 4.5" wide at back 
tea 3.25" tall, 7" deep, 4.5" wide at back
now I found them  in the basement of my friends grandmothers house.
her mother had finally decided it was time to clean it out.  I love that. My friend thought everything was junk, I told her I think it will all be treasure!  and I found a few treasures - actually more than I could take.  So I decided on just a few items and I loved these - 

So here are a few before and after photos - and a little tip for cleaning chrome

the set even comes with the yellow flour scooper.
To clean rusty and pitted chrome I use small squares of tin foil and water - a light going over depending on how badly it is pitted can greatly improve the chrome - something about the friction of the tin foil against the metal fills the pits in and it also removes rust - 
works wonders!


  1. I never heard of using tin foil to polish with before. Does it matter which side you use--shiny or matte side?

  2. I usually ball it up wet it with some water and the friction seems to do the trick. Worked wonders on some old chrome bar stools and removes rust and the pitting but won't take it all out if it is really bad.