Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chiefland Flea Market - the start of our Flea Market Extravaganza

Not that they weren't there before I got to them.  Just a few flea/farmers markets I have visited so far while staying in Cedar Key Florida.

Now remember Cedar Key is a little island on the west coast of Florida.  And by little I mean small, there is one traffic light but that is 24 miles outside of Cedar Key on the main land and it blinks, doesn't even change from green to yellow to red, it just blinks. On Cedar Key itself there are a few stop signs, didn't count them but I would guess maybe 10, 20 tops.  These are a few of the signs you will see on Cedar Key. 

The first flea market we went to was in Chiefland.

  It is about 30 minutes outside of Cedar Key.  This flea market has a little bit of everything, produce, new stuff (which I don't care for)  and some true flea market tables.  The day we went it was cold, by Florida standards.  It probably hit a high of 52 that day.  So a lot of the stands were empty, It was a good size flea market and if it hadn't been so cold, probably would have been great for some finds.  We also were there early on a Saturday morning, one thing I learned was that Florida flea markets are not early flea markets.  They tend to open at 9 and vendors will be setting up until 10 or even 10:30.  The better day to go to a flea market is Sunday, although sometimes in the larger markets you do want to go first thing Friday morning if you want first pick of all the good stuff.  

My general rule of thumb is find the good stuff I want when I first get to a market, but I do like the deals you get at the end of a market.  Vendors are more apt to practically give stuff away on a Sunday afternoon around 2 or 3 so they don't have to pack it all up.

I picked up some cool bottles at the Chiefland Flea, but that is another story for later...

The next market we went to was the Waldo Flea - we did this on the same day as Chiefland.  It was about 30 minutes or so to get there, and it is pretty much a straight shot there.  Well just about everything is straight from anywhere you go down here.  Long straight drives and one or two turns, very different from driving in the Baltimore/Washington area of Maryland.

That is coming up next!


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