Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rennigers Flea Market at Mount Dora

Renningers Flea Market -

   How do I start to tell you about this extravanza of a Flea Market and why had I not heard about it and seen it in any magazines anywhere? This place is huge, dwarfs Ocala Super Flea - it is under cover with almost mazelike buildings, and acres and acres of vendors spread out. 

The day we were there it was Renningers Steampunk Industrial show.  I was there with my mother.  We hit the upper hill and the outside vendors first.  One lady was trying so hard to sell me everything she had.  When I told her I was a dealer and sold on Etsy, she started making a bundle for me.  I only saw a few things I really liked, but by the time it was over I had a bag full of stuff and my total $10.  Love dealers that are trying to get rid of stuff so they have nothing to take home at the end of the day.
There are dealers here who set up week after week, some of the prices to me were high.  if you are collector and are looking for those interesting one of kind items for you own home and collection, the prices are great. 
 We did the first go round, went to the car to put our goodies away and drove down the hill to the second area, antiques, and flea market vendors with a huge dose of steampunk.
The first costume we see is a young lady wearing a tail, not sure if she meant it to be a fox tail or maybe a cat tail. There were tall hats, googles, ladies in long victorian attire done up steampunk style and stall after stall selling finished steampunk art, supplies to do your own steampunk art and oddites for the steampunk home. 

I think my mom was most in awe of the older people dressed in steampunk.  She kept telling me to take pictures.  Take a picture of that guy, oohhh get those 2 and the guy walking a round with the stuffed life like squirrel on his should that he pulled a string to make it move; AND he was talking to it, like it was just doing it's own thing...   I tried to get her to take a picture with this guy, but she wasn't having it.

Overall, you could make Renningers a 2 day stop.  Go through it on Saturday get what you love and then head back to see more new stuff from the vendors who only open on Sunday.  And maybe call or check out there website to see what the events are coming up.  Next weekend (January 31st - February 2nd) is Civil War re-enactment weekend - I am sure there will be tons of awesome civil war stuff there too.

Some more pics from the day
Ever want to get those large industrial letters - well here you go - plus some great salvage items too!

Flowers Galaroe


Cool display of doctors items

Need a Bike?

How about a tiger?  Who couldn't use a tiger?

Like I said letters galore!

Just one of the "streets" at Renningers

Great idea to use a golf cart, but this is probably a vendor who knows

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