Monday, January 20, 2014

Let me tell you about Sandy's

Staying on Cedar Key is relaxing, calm, peaceful.  It is what the southern most Florida Keys, Key West and the rest of those islands used to be.  A quaint fishing village, with cute houses, a small main street and a few restaurants.


Driving into Cedar Key is a straight shot.  Really, a long straight road, no turns, no twists, no hills, and maybe 1 bump.   There is a stop light about 45 minutes outside of Cedar Key in Branson.
It blinks, no red, yellow green, just slow down and look both ways and 9 times out of 10 no cars are coming.

Roadkill down here is different.  No dead deers like I see in Maryland, no dead raccoons, cats or dogs.  No down here the roadkill is wild pigs.

Driving into to Cedar Key there is a Dollar General where you can get everything including milk and eggs. Better yet skip that and a few miles more you will see Sandy's Produce stand.   You will find fresh produce, herbs in the pots, eggs, milk and seafood all in an open air market.
Sandy is only open Thursday through Sunday so stock up when she is open.

 The market in town...well that is an interesting story.  They do have a little of everything.  A meat case, milk, eggs and shelves of canned goods.   Be careful what you buy and take home.  I only got coffee creamers, and a little jar of Kraft parmesan cheese.  However right next to the Kraft cheese, were clear jars of what had been parmesan cheese.  Only now in that clear jar you could see a molten moldy mess.  Apparently no one checks the expiration dates on the products.  If you are staying in Cedar Key, either go to the few restaurants in town or come into town with your groceries.

With several markets about a 30-45 minute drive you can easily do some sight seeing and grab groceries on the way back into town.  The flea markets all had produce as well.  Will fill you in on those later.

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