Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super Flea

The next stop, the Ocala Super Flea.  Located near 75 in Ocala Florida, this for lack of better words is really Super!  Sorry I didn't take a ton of photos, actually at this flea market I don't think I took any.  It is soo big, and there is so much to see.  Most of the best finds I came across were located at the tables outside.  And for those of us that shop to feed our need for vintage, and to resell, (that is my excuse for buying vintage, I need to stock the store!); the vendors were ready to deal.

If you are like me when I see something interesting I get a price in my head of what I want to pay for it.  Be ready at the Ocala Super Flea most vendors do not price the items for sale.  I found some awesome old bottles, it seems to be a theme with me lately, loving old bottles.  The guy was going to sell ALL of them to me for $20.00  It probably was about 35 to 45 bottles, not all were cool, some were crappy and not my style but I figure there is someone for everything and it is my job to find them.  However, my mother was being the voice of reason, I have a limited budget for my trip and I have several more stops and I am taking the train home.  Whatever I buy I have to ship back or have my mom bring it back in 4 weeks.

I ended up choosing several bottles, for $6.00.  When it started drizzling we went inside to the "mall like" part of the Super Flea.  Inside was a lot of new stuff, boxes and boxes of items that could have been in a dollar store.  A few vintage vendors selling at retail prices, and then there are a few who are there to bargain and sell.

I found a few little mid century cat figurines.  At first we couldn't find out who the vendor was, asked a few nearby vendors and it turned out to the the ice cream lady.  She had a nearby booth selling ice cream, cookies and candy.  So I got my price in my head, how much I wanted to spend.  I was thinking $5.00 for both.  We got in line, she was super busy, and when we got to the front of the line, and asked, she said, 50 cents.  What? HUH?  sold!  and ice cream for a grand total of $3.00

here are some of my great finds...


  1. I can SO relate--! Getting goodies to restock the Etsy shops is my reason (excuse?!) for much of what I pick up at sales. I'm out and about today for the first good junking foray of the year, and I'm going to have to rein myself in so I don't jump at every deal. I also get my "motif" thing going--for some reason, certain items just hum for a while, and then get replaced by the next obsession.

    1. HAHA I know right, it is so easy to get caught up and buy buy buy. But I always justify the purchases because "it's for the store" Plus its always fun to find something cool and weird and then research it and learn all about it. So it's educational too!