Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Cats of Cedar Key

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There are a ton of cats in Cedar Key Florida.  I think the cats may outnumber year round residents.

(not sure about that just an observation) Next door to the house I am staying at - I have seen some but not all of the cats.  We heard from a local that one lady in town feeds at least 15 of them.

Good thing it rarely gets too cold here, and even if no one feed them, I think there is enough wild life they could probably get by.  I just wonder if anyone does anything to get some of the sterile?  I know back in Baltimore Maryland there are groups that catch the feral cats, give them medical treatment and homes for the ones that can take being domesticated.  I think they release the others back to the wild streets of Baltimore.  I think the cats in Cedar Key have it a lot better....

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