Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Train Travel, the good, the bad, the smelly

If you have read any of my recent blogs, you will know I recently took the Amtrak Auto Train to Florida for a vacation.  I wrote about the trip down  HERE

After calling Amtrak to voice my concerns about the trip down, and being asked if my mother wanted any compensation for the issues.  (For the record she didn't;she says she won't take a train ever again...)
I was offered an upgrade for my trip home.

Not just any upgrade but to a private bedroom with my own bathroom and shower.  Oh and meals included.  Awesome!  As soon as I boarded I was told lunch was being and served and to head to the dining car, right next to where I was seated.  (Noticed an Amish couple in the dining car, not sure where they were sitting for the entire ride, but that was different)

Sink, mirror (can't see from here) and water
There is an upper bunk, storage above, and a little ladder for climbing up into the bunk - I didn't use any of that
bathroom shower combo - the shower is in here

Futon like double seat that comes down into the bed

an extra seat near the bathroom everything is near the bathroom
 the position of the seats - I was traveling backwards most of the trip.

and the family in the room next to me, I think there were 4 of them in that bedroom, and it seemed that someone was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes - they sure did flush alot.

Sleeping was interesting, I went to dinner and when I came back the futon was pulled out into the bed, and a small flat mattress was placed on top of the seat cushions - seemed nice until I woke up in the middle of the night and the mattress had moved across the futon and my feet were up against the window, Felt like I had grown taller and the bed got smaller during the night.
another view of the lower seat

After a while I got used to the rhythm of the train, which was only interrupted every hour by hitting some really rough tracks and the train swaying. 

Way more comfortable than the ride down,

Since I hate flying more than I hated this trip on a train I would do it again, but I think for shorter trips, and only if I can get the bedroom.

Kinda spoiled now.

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