Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goals - not resolutions

I don't do resolutions - I am making goals for this year

Some of my goals are to start the process to become a foster parent.  In order to do that I have to take a class, get certified in first aid and CPR, and do 30 hours of training.  My goal is to get that all done by June.

I want to have articles and photos published in magazines.  I am already on the way to that, I have been asked to be a contributing blogger on
I am thinking of doing some stylized shoots and writing a few articles to submit to a few places.

I want to move - for a number of reasons, I want to have room for storage, a proper place to take the photos for my stores, and I need at least 1 decent bedroom if not 2 for the foster children.

My stores have been doing better and better and my goal this year is to do triple what I did last year.
I know I can do that!

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