Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where's Waldo?

apparently Waldo is 19 miles outside of Chiefland Florida

 If you have ever wondered Where's Waldo, it seems Waldo is 19 miles down East 24 outside of Chiefland Florida.

I never knew.
 The Waldo Flea Market was larger than Chiefland, we were also there later and more vendors had set up.  It was a combination of indoor (open areas covered by a roof, and out door tables.
The vendors at Waldo were diverse, and there is also an antique store right next door.  But if you are a true thrifter/ Flea Market junkie you will avoid the antique mall and head straight for the flea market.

I am always on the look out of odd, weird and interesting things.  Waldo had that and more.
Live Music at the Flea Market

tables outside - great hunting and picking!

Rooster - also available turkeys, hens, ducks and chickens 

The boiled peanut cart also selling fried pork rinds - with free samples available!

Cool Trailer not sure if it was for sale - could be used to haul stuff to the market

exploring the outside tables

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  1. You're killing me here! Sure wish I could prowl around all the wonderful flea markets you've been visiting.